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Cotton Bowl Installs a Permanent Weight Training Facility!


To say this project was unique is an understatement.  AT&T Stadium is home to the Cotton Bowl Game, which is part of the College Football Playoff system each year.  Rather than make each team that is selected to play in this game each year to either bring equipment, or train at a local high school, the committe at the Cotton Bowl decided to clear space in AT&T Stadium and build a permanent training facility.  In comes custom built Half Racks w/ Graphcis, Custom Bumper Plates, horizontal links for each rack, a large DB pit w/ Custom Logo DB's, Glute Ham Benches, Cardio Area, Custom Pillar Stations as well as a Turf Area for Dynamic Warm Up, Sled Pulls/Push, etc.  This is the 1st of it's kind and puts all oter Bowl Games on notice!  CLICK HERE for more information on this facility.  

Download PDF of "Cotton Bowl Installs a Permanent Weight Training Facility!"