Room Safety

Poorly planned rooms with old equipment are all red flags and hazards asking for an accident to happen.  Revamping your weight room alongside a Professional Weight Room Solutions customer service team will help you make great decisions for your weight training room.  Keeping your athletes in a safe environment should be of top priority.

Create Athlete “Buy-In” and Winning Environment

High School and Collegiate weight rooms alike use strength and conditioning as a means to build team camaraderie and chemistry along with increased performance. Training sessions in a newly installed facility increases motivation and intensity that changes the atmosphere. 

Recruiting Tool

“We are in an arms race.” – Steve Rampy, Head High School Football Coach 

In today’s day in age, weight rooms and new strength equipment play a large part in an athlete’s desire to choose a school.  In the high school setting a new facility attracts more students to be involved in athletics.  In a collegiate setting, the training center will often make or break a student-athlete’s decision to commit to your school. 

Maximize Training Sessions

Having large teams or multiple sports teams to train at one time in your training facility can pose problems if your weight room is not properly equipped or laid out efficiently. Revamping your weight room allows you to take advantage of a reset and set your coaching up for success.  Time is of the essence when it comes to strength training for your student-athletes.

Why Not?

With proper guidance, planning and execution a new custom weight room will surely set you apart from your competition and give you a sense of pride and ownership for many years to come.  Not only for your athletes and staff, but also the community that stands behind and supports your athletic program.  Sit down with our Professional Weight Room Solutions team now to get started on your room.

Scott Schroeder Samson Director of Sales

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Scott Schroeder

Director of Sales , Samson

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