Custom Solutions

Samson Equipment remains the top choice in the industry by designing unique and affordable custom weight room facility solutions for any client.  While providing the leading, most reliable product and customer service with the Samson Lifetime Warranty for over 40 years and counting.

Our custom solutions begin in the early stages of planning, starting with our collaborative customer design process with the input of our educated and experienced staff who consistently ensure that our customer’s dream weight training facilities are exactly what they envision. 

Our customization options offer much more than just paint and color selection. Because no one client is the same, each facility offers their own unique features to match each individual’s demands, with a product that’s designed and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Custom FTR with 6 Post Rack

We can customize rack designs, depending on the client’s preferences. Pictured is a custom Functional Training Rack (FTR) attached to a 6 post rack, built for the Dickinson State University Blue Hawks. This rack was specially designed to handle a variety of lifting exercises and to safely lift very heavy weights with multiple athletes training at once. These types of power racks also provide the convenience of utilizing limited training space. All great features to accommodate an entire athletic team at Dickinson State University! Perfect solution for limited space and large teams.

FTR with Power Rack and elevated storage

This custom Functional Training Rack (FTR) with an attached Power Rack was built for the Ridgefield High School Spudders. Class sizes in high school programs often present issues for room layouts. These custom FTR – Power Rack Combo’s provide the convenience of weight stack machines without sacrificing training space for all the Half Racks. All great features to accommodate large PE classes and athletic teams.

La Porte High school Pillar Unit

This La Porte High School Football Pillar Unit was designed specifically for its football team, since they already had an Olympic Sports Weight Room. We created this facility in order to accommodate the best use of this weight training space for their football team, so several football players can work out as a team, while also providing more floor space.

Rec Facility Rack Link with Lat-Row Combo

This University of Colorado’s Recreation Facility is one of a kind and upgraded to include our more durable stainless steel, Full Power Racks that linked together as well as custom chin up options horizontally with this Lat-Row Rack Link Combo. This custom design was successful in the effort to maximize weight training space while also providing custom weight storage for many years to come.

Custom FTR Rack with Bridge

Our Custom Functional Training Rack (FTR) with a Bridge was designed in an effort to consolidate space, while offering a multi-functional weight training unit that also includes a bridge to utilize the feature of group suspension training along with providing the space underneath to remain open for a variety of group training exercises in general.

Tricon Unit

This Tricon Unit is a creation that’s intended for the flexibility of a mobile weight training facility in some cases but is a popular demand among our Crossfit® Trainers or Tactical Military clients. This design can outstand the weight of multiple athletes doing a variety of upper body exercises at the same time in one space. It’s easy to quickly deconstruct and transport as well.

Volleyball Pole Racks with Uprights

Our custom-designed Volleyball Pole Racks with Uprights protect your poles in the off-season and maintain a longer lifespan for the volleyball poles while the uprights consolidate the space for storing the volleyball equipment in the off-season.

Power Block Stands

Want to add even more branding and mobilization to your weight room equipment?  Let the Graphic Design team at Samson design some custom Front Graphic Panels to your Power Block Stands!  This is yet another way we can help you set your Weight Room apart from the rest.  We’ll even add wheels to the stands for easier storage!

Custom Storage Solutions

This Four Tier Custom Storage Rack provides the flexibility of storing a variety of medicine balls along with kettlebells. We can customize storage racks to accommodate whatever your own preferences or needs are when it comes to free weights for the ideal use of weight room space.

Multi-Use Free Weight Custom Storage

This Multi-Use Four Tier Free Weight Custom Storage solution is designed to store medicine balls, kettlebells, free weights and bumper plates. Whatever your free weight preferences are, let us work together to customize a storage solution that makes the most sense to you!

Desks and workspaces

The San Jacinto High School Tigers wanted a desk that not only included the custom logo design on the front but also served a functional purpose of making use of the space underneath the desk for storage. It also maintained the privacy of an office inside the parameters of the weight room. So the coaches and trainers could utilize the need for a desk while still being at the forefront of their athlete’s training. A combination of function and aesthetics!

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