Flex Series

patent pending rack design for long term solutions.

At Samson equipment, we strongly believe in the value of shared expertise, and we welcome input from our customers. Moreover, this collaboration begins before the first piece of steel is even cut. Our new Patent Pending FLEX® Series allows for freedom and flexibility when designing your room.  This Rack Series was developed with long term goals and limited budgets in mind.  With a foundation frame for all our rack designs, you are able to FLEX your rack design into any one of our FLEX models. This gives you maximum flexibility in room planning for many years to come. 

Half Rack

flex series frame - half rack configuration

This configuration is the beginning of your Samson journey.  The most basic of our FLEX Series Rack configurations allows you to work outside your rack.  

Double Rack

flex series frame - double rack configuration

This configuration uses the least amount of floor space to create your Double Rack.  This Double Rack features two usable Half Racks using ONE FLEX Series Frame.  If expansion is in mind, your Double Rack can be configured with TWO FLEX Series Frames for later configurations. 

Power RACK

flEX SERIES FRaME - pOWER RaCK cOnfiguration

A Power Rack (aka Full Rack) is built with the foundation of ONE FLEX Series Frame. When space does not present an issue use this rack with a larger footprint to lift inside your rack.

FTR basic

flex series frame - functional training rack Basic

Using ONE FLEX Series Frame as your base,  utilize the small footprint of our Half Rack configuration with integrated Cable Columns.  These Cable Columns can run off the front of your rack as well as the back. 

FTR Combo

flex series frame - functional training rack combo

Using ONE FLEX Series Frame as your base to utilize the small footprint of our Half Rack configuration which includes integrated Cable Columns.  Though this rack features integrated Cable Columns, these FTR Combo Racks only run off the back of your rack to have each post equipped with different machines. We did this to customize your room for your needs. 

Example Shown: Hi-Low Column with a Lat/Row Combo

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