SE Oklahoma 5 Process


the samson team guides you to your first class facility

The responsibility of a weight room project can be a real headache while having to coach or be an administrator. we feel you! put your trust in the hands of experts with over 40 years of experience. We Will ease your mind and educate you along the process. As your professional guide, our team members will confidently lead you through your journey.

Samson 101

If you are looking for a full facility install review our process below. If you are looking for individual items please see our store by clicking below.

New Build

Send us the scaled room drawing with building dimensions


Revamping the existing facility

Send us accurate measurements of the existing room dimensions.

MeansofPurchase 2 1 Process


Means of Purchase

we offer various methods to procure your equipment.

Budget Process



It's important to know your budget. WE have many options of flooring and equipment selection to achieve your goals. Don't settle for less than what you deserve.

Programming Process



the samson difference involves working with professional guides who understand program design, room layouts and flow of your room.

Untitled Project 2 Process


Equipment Selection

Selecting the best equipment to satisfy your needs, wants and budget. your guide will begin to present you with options and recommendations for your project.

Samson SE Oklahoma Layout 01 Process


2d Layouts

during this step we will design out the best arrangement for your space until you find a layout that is tailored to you.

SE Oklahoma 5 Process


3d Layouts

After getting approval of your 2d layout, we begin to design your 3d renders so you can get an accurate picture of what your room will look like installed.

Edited 1 of 1 Process



Your planning turns into a project, and our team of professional fabricators go to work for you!

Samson Delivery Thor Process


delivery / installation

we will determine the best shipping methods and install options for your new facility.

After 40+ years in the business, we've built just about anything you can imagine. if you've got an idea that will help your athletes excel, then let's work together and build a custom piece that accomplishes your goals.

Samson Equipment Southeastern Oklahoma 1 of 1 scaled Process