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Mckinney North High School Modernizes Weight Room!


Talk about a serious change!!  This is what the "Modernization" program w/ Samson Equipment is all about.  Back in 2002 the team at Samson originally outfitted Mckinney North HS's weight room, now 14 years later they returned to "Modernize" the entire facility.  Samson Equipment came in, took all the old equipment back, added all the new bells and whistles and reinstalled in a matter of weeks!  In comes 12 Double Sided Power Stations w/ Platforms, Benches and Custom Graphics, Adj Step Up Boxes, DB Racks and Benches, Hip Sleds, Lat Machines, etc.  By reusing the raw material, this project was a massive cost savings!  CLICK HERE for the Equipped Facilities Page #Samsonstrong 


Download PDF of "Mckinney North High School Modernizes Weight Room!"