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Univ of Texas Permian Basin is now Samson Strong!


UTPB is building it's football program from the ground up......literally.  It takes a lot of work to get this accomplished, but now thanks to a great coaching staff at UTPB and the team at Samson Equipment, the UTPB Falcons are hitting the ground running.  UTPB's new weight training facility will not be built until sometime in the future, so Samson Equipment constructed a temporary weight room!  In comes a MASSIVE custom platform, 6 Half Racks completely tricked out and linked together horizontally to include Graphic Panels, Kettle Bell Storage, Band/Chain Storage, Weight and Bar Storage, Power Block Sets (all built within the rack framework), New Scissor Tables, New Glute Ham Benches and plate trees to house excess weight.  This was all installed within their basketball gym mezzanine!  Once the new facility is complete, all of this equipment will be re-located and added to the new equipment.  That is the beauty of buying from a quality manufacturer:  No need to re-buy!  CLICK HERE for more of the story and contact a Samson Equipment representative today to start your dream project! #samsonstrong 

Download PDF of "Univ of Texas Permian Basin is now Samson Strong!"