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Pebble Hills HS is now Samson Strong!


Pebble Hills High School, located in El Paso TX, is a shining example of how buying a quality product really pays off in the long run! Since the school already had Samson Equipment existing in their facility, they were able to take advantage of the new "Modernization" program that only Samson Equipment offers....thus saving on funding while still getting all the new bells and whistles. In comes 8 new Double Sided Racks completely tricked out w/ Stainless Steel Sleeves, Custom Graphics, New Twist Lock Cup Designs, Chain/Band Storage, Rotational Bar Sleeves, New Combo Benches w/ Custom Logos, Inlaid Platforms, Custom Bumper Plate Storage and much more. CLICK HERE for more of the story! Contact a Samson Equipment representative today to design your dream facility!  #samsonstrong 

Download PDF of "Pebble Hills HS is now Samson Strong!"