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Human Performance Specialists Installation


Human Performance Specialists, located in Scottsdale AZ, is one of the most progressive private training facilities in the entire country.  Thus, the equipment supplied MUST be able to handle a lot of different training eliminates as well as built strong enough to handle the heaviest of loads.  In comes Samson with a wide array of custom equipment.  Too many things to list, but the highlights are Custom Double Sided FTR Racks which have not only a Functional Trainer on one side of a Double Power Rack, but the opposite side is a fully functioning half rack, Custom Combo Benches with Linear Ball Bearing Spotting Platforms with the ability to lock into place, Custom Embroidery, Custom Graphics, and Band Attachments.  There are also a string of Custom Half Racks that include Band Attachments on top and bottom of rack frame, Rotational Chin Up Handles, Med Ball Storage, Rotational Bar Sleeves built into the stability legs and much MUCH more!! Check out their website by clicking HERE!

Download PDF of "Human Performance Specialists Installation"