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Cannon AFB FTR Rack


At Samson Equipment, we got a lot of requests for more information on our FTR Rack (Functional Training Rack).  Since we are the only manufacturing company to produce a rack to these specifications, we are constantly trying to get more information readily available for our client base.  Below is a picture of a new unit just delivered to our friends at Cannon AFB.  This unique design combines the space friendly attributes of a normal Half Rack w/ the dynamic applications of 2 Adjustable Cable Columns....all within one unit.  Simply use the Half Rack as you normally would for all strength training applications, then when you want to engage the dual cable column units just remove the bar, cups and safety catches and adjust each cable column using the pop pin and handle located on each carriage respectfully.  Each cable column is fully adjustable from the top of the unit to the bottom and pulley brackets swivel allowing for full range of motion.  Add on custom graphic panels for extra "Wow Factor"!  

Download PDF of "Cannon AFB FTR Rack"