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The time has come for Saint Mary’s College to upgrade their weight room facilities!  The Gaels Athletic teams will now train on a completely custom designed rack being the only one of its kind in the world!  Samson worked tirelessly to ensure Coach Bayer and the future of Saint Mary’s College Athletics were fully equipped with all their needs for his first weight room project.  Budget and space were a huge limiting factor in this project!  This facility features a custom Double Sided 6 Post Power Rack with a fully ingrained Samson® Functional Training Weight Stack System facing their turf strip! With 8 cable columns placed inside their racks, the Gaels were able to maximize the minimal floor space they had and include 2 Belt Squat Machines, 4 Glute Ham Developers, Custom Rogue® Fatbell storage, and rack attachments! To add MORE lifting platforms we used low profile half racks along the wall and custom Post Style Plate Storage. This facility is set up for 20 athletes to be lifting at a rack at any one time. Branding was an important piece of the puzzle for high level recruiting!  Samson Graphic Shields and Custom Team Bumper Plates were the finishing piece  This room is truly something special for the Gaels, the West Coast Conference may be on watch after this install! 

Saint Mary’s College
Moraga, California

Assistant AD for Human Performance, James Carsey, had other companies in mind for this project before he decided to look into the New Era of Samson. Now the Miami RedHawks are Samson Strong, positioned to upgrade their weight room over time utilizing our patented design. The FLEX Rack Series® gives you true flexibility when planning your weight room around a restricted budget. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

✔️Maximize Floor Space⁠

✔️Durable and Long Lasting Materials⁠

✔️Flexibility of use and set up⁠

Miami University
Oxford, OH

Heading into his second collegiate Head Strength and Conditioning position, Coach Zach Fears, was tasked with designing and procuring a new weight room for a HUGE renovation at Southeastern Oklahoma University.   Space was plenty in this room, Samson equipped the room with 16 Half Racks with Custom Tablet holders, 16 Combo Benches, Six Lat-Row Combo Machines, Six Glute Ham Developers, Four Hi-Low Cable Columns, One Belt Squat, and multiple rack attachments and accessory work tools!  With a completely separate turf room for conditioning we designed our first speed sleds for pulling.  As budget shifted through construction and renovation, Samson did not sacrifice custom branding!  The Graphic Shields read “Savage” and “Storm” on each side of the graphic shields and the bumper plates included custom team colors and logos which will play a great role in recruiting high caliber athletes to Durant, Oklahoma!  

Southeastern Oklahoma University
Durant, Oklahoma

Procurement in the government setting is often a huge obstacle. We make your life easy and have simple paths to procurement for creating your dream facility. This room is a complete customization of lifting space utilizing our patented pending FLEX-RACK Series featuring our functional training rack with 6-post power rack.   

58th SOW
Kirtland, AFB

The University of Colorado’s Olympic Sports Training Facility just underwent a major overhaul.  Working directly with Steve Englehart, Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports, the Samson Equipment team developed custom weight training equipment that is unlike any in existence.  In comes customized Full Power Racks w/ Lat/Row Combos Built off the Back Side of each rack as well as Adjustable Cable Columns off the other side of the rack.  A Full row of Half Rack FTR’s.  These have the Adjustable Cable Columns built into the rack frames themselves, with the Adjustable Pullies coming off the front of each rack.  Adjustable Scissor Tables at the Full Power Rack Stations,  Custom Branded Bumper Plates as well as Dumbbells.  Custom Graphics on Each Rack, Inlaid platforms With Logos and much much more.  These Buffalos are ready to Stomp out their competition!  

University of Colorado – Boulder ,CO

Wow…..just…..WOW!  That’s all we can really say here!!  The University of West Florida’s new weight training facility catapults them right to the very top of the very best weight rooms in the entire country.  Too much going on here, but to give the highlights:  Custom Double Sided FTR Racks with Custom Graphics, Links with Custom Branding and Flat Screen TV Displays, Inlaid Platforms with PerformX Tracking System, Custom Logo and Color Bumper Plates, Custom Storage for Bumper Plates, Olympic Plates, Bands, DC Blocks, Combo Benches, etc.  Every square inch of this facility was custom designed in some form or fashion.  Coach Morgan and his staff were absolutely fantastic to work with as well.  No doubt the Argonauts are set up for success for years to come. #Samsonstrong 

University of West Florida
Pensacola, FL

The University of Maryland Baltimore County has a new facility that puts them heads and tails above any in their conference.  Kudos to the Retrievers for stepping their game up in a HUGE way.  The Samson team was beyond excited to work on this custom equipment.  In came all new Custom Designed Half Racks with “RETRIEVERS” branded on the racks themselves, new Scissor Tables, Custom Benches w/ logos, etc.  No doubt, big things are in store for UMBC! #Samsonstrong 

University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Baltimore, MD

To say this project was unique is an understatement.  AT&T Stadium is home to the Cotton Bowl Game, which is a part of the College Football Playoff system each year.  Rather than make each team that is selected to play in this game each year to either bring equiment, or train at a local high school, the committe at the Cotton Bowl decided to clear space in AT&T Stadium and buid a permanent training facility.  In comes custom built Half Racks w/ Graphics, Custom Bumper Plates, horizontal links for each rack, a large DB pit w/ Custom Logo DB’s, Glute Ham Benches, Cardio Area, Custom Pillar Staitons a well as a Turf Area for Dynamic Warm Up, Sled Pulls/Push, etc.  This is the 1st of it’s kind and puts other Bowl Games on notice!


Cotton Bowl
Dallas, TX

The United States Air Force Academy’s Olympic Sports Weight Training Facility is now complete, and the final results speak for themselves.  In comes 12 Custom FTR Racks, 12 Double Sided Racks, Glute Ham Benches, Combo Benches, Wood Technique Boxes, Plyo Boxes and more!  The FTR Racks feature adjustable cable units incorporated off the back side of the Half Rack Design.  This allows for a multitude of training options all while saving on valuable floor space thanks to it’s compact design.  Each Rack is Linked Horizontally with various chin up options as well as custom storage for plates, wrist roller attachments, dip attachments AND custom graphic shields!!  #Samsonstrong 

Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, CO

Located just outside of El Paso TX stands one of the finest weight training facilities you’ll find!  All new Custom Logo Inlaid Platforms, FTR Racks Linked together w/ Custom Graphics, Custom Color/Logo Bumper Plates, Large DB array w/ Custom Logo DB’s, Belt Squats, Various Lower Body Machines, etc.  No doubt the Lobos are set up for success for years to come!

Mountain View High School
Clint, TX

The custom built equipment for Ridgefield High School is officially installed!  To say this weight room is “unique” is a vast understatement.  TOO much going on here, but the highlights include:  Inlaid Platforms w/ Logos, FTR Racks built into Custom Full Power Racks, Linked together with custom Bumper Plate/Olympic Plate Storage.  These unique designs also left room for custom storage for smaller attachments as well as bar storage and horizontal linking systems.  Oh, and don’t forget the custom graphics! 

Ridgefield High School
Ridgefield, WA

With previous experience working with Samson, Athletic Director Joe Anaya knew who he was going to call for the weight room project at Moriarty High School!  Joe put his complete trust in the experts at Samson to deliver a first class facility with all their needs covered within their budget. From the flooring to the furnished equipment Samson handled the project for Moriarty High School.  Multiple versions of Samson Functional Training Racks were utilized to offer athletes and physical education students at MHS both free weight training as well as weight stack machines!  A large Pinto in the center of the turf, custom branded graphic shields, and custom team color and logo plates, custom logo dumbbells brings school pride to the forefront in this room!  With a new weight room facility, the school hopes to encourage more kids to join the athletic programs at Moriarty High School. We have no doubt in our minds that this goal will be achieved.

Moriarty High School
Moriarty, New Mexico

With the help of a great booster club, the Anna High School Rockets are prepared for take off!  This facility was redone from the floor up. The flooring was finished with 16 inlaid platforms with custom team logos, dot drill placements, and inlaid PerformX® Trak Systems.  Samson featured products are eight Double Sided Racks, Combo Benches, Custom Team Graphic Shields, Power Sleds, Dip Attachments, and Rotational Rack Attachments.

Anna High School
Anna, Ohio


The Eagles are taking flight.  Coach Jeff Woodruff has coached at both the high school and collegiate level. He even has a couple Bowl Championship Rings from his days at the University of Washington, including a National Championship!  Turning a program around takes a great deal of work and leadership to build a winning culture.  Coach Woodruff made this athletic facility renovation a main focus and searched for the highest quality product and service for his school knowing it was going to last for many years to come after him. After asking colleagues around the country and doing his homework vetting companies, he decided to work with Samson Equipment on getting his room furnished.  From the flooring to the furniture, Samson was there to help him cross the finish line.   The provided budget for the flooring and equipment was an extremely limiting factor.  The Director of Sales, Scott Schroeder, found perfect solutions for the Eagles to have everything they needed plus more.   Branding was a great focus for the room in order to continue building on the school pride Coach Woodruff has built since 2015.

Andress High School

El Paso, TX

Something quite unique is building in the Arizona Desert.  Arizona Arsenal, a soccer club boasting more than 50 competitive teams, now has it’s very own weight training facility!  Everything was built to the club’s specifications as well as branded w/ their logos and club colors.  The Samson design team had a blast working on this facility!! #Samsonstrong   

Arizona Arsenal
Mesa, AZ

Del Valle High School, located in Austin TX, is now home to one of the finest high school weight training facilities in the country.  Go ahead, we dare you to try and beat this one!  WAY too many custom items to list, but the highlights include Custom Double and Half Racks all linked togther with Custom Graphics, Plates, Bumper Plates and Benches, a slew of selectorized machines, Custom DB racks to hold Med Balls, KB’s and Custom Logo DB’s and much much more!!  #Samsonstrong 

Del Valle High School
Del Velle, TX

La Porte HS’s new weight training facility is comprised of Custom Double Sided Racks complete with Custom Graphic Panels, Plate Storage, Inlaid Platforms as well as DB Racks, Lat/Row combos w/ Custom Graphics, etc.  The Bulldogs are set up for success!!  #Samsonstrong 

La Porte High School
La Porte, TX

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