Widefield High School

Transforming Challenges into Success: Widefield High School Overcomes Room Limitations to Create a Well-Planned Weight Room in Colorado Springs, CO.

“This room is an old room. It’s been here since the 1990s, so overcoming the challenges and the surprises this type of room comes with, Samson was able to help us figure out creative solutions to the problems we had… Widefield is a powerful and proud community, so this hopefully emulates the pride and the commitment to our community.” -Jon Shub, Athletic Director


Jon Shub had a vision and plan to execute a well planned weight room for his school.  Two large obstacles he faced were room limitations and planned budget for his project.  The room limitations were common in the high school field as Widefield was repurposing an existing weight room to accommodate new student-athlete needs and school growth.  Our Sales Team was quick to present multiple room layouts and equipment plans to meet the needs of Widefield High School.   

Our patented Flex-Rack series is unlike anything on the market at this time, due to its unique capability to “flex” the design over time your weight room is truly never set in stone.  This weight room features ten Flex-Rack Series Half Racks.  Six of these Stations are equipped with a 250lb weight stack on the right side of the rack only acting as a half Functional Training Rack (FTR).  Over time Widefield can upgrade to add full FTR’s to all ten of their Flex-Series Half Racks. Samson Rubber Bumper Plates, Samson Base Combo Benches, Rack Storage Kits, and Connecting Links were utilized in this room. Other Vendors Featured: Perform-X, Troy Barbell and CAP Barbell.


Widefield High School
Colorado Springs, CO