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Washington University in St. Louis

Elite Division III school unveils a cutting-edge weight room fostering top-tier athletic development and excellence.

Coach Terry ONeil Wash U SamsonEQ Washington University in St. Louis“Their stuff can take the abuse, and obviously from me doing the math… when you have 600 athletes that are coming in sometimes four times a week, that’s a lot of wear and tear that’s going to happen on the equipment. So, you know, their reputation preceded them.”

– Terry O’Neill, sports performance head coach

Welcome to Washington University in St. Louis, where the pursuit of athletic greatness meets the expertise of Samson Equipment. Together, we’ve crafted a professional weight room solution that embodies the spirit of champions.

The meticulous process of constructing a comprehensive weight room accessible to all sports required extensive planning to ensure no detail was overlooked. This endeavor was fueled by a shared vision to create a training space that embodies Wash U’s unwavering commitment to excellence. By January 2023, this vision evolved into a tangible reality, intricately designed to mirror Wash U’s prominence in the athletic arena.

The deliberate placement of bold red stripes and the creation of customized red racks precisely echoing Wash U’s colors serve as powerful symbols within the weight room. These elements symbolize more than aesthetics; they embody Wash U’s preeminent position, fostering pride, solidarity, and a strong sense of identity among athletes. Terry O’Neil’s testimony vividly highlights the significance of these design choices, elevating the room to a benchmark within their league. Beyond their functionality, these distinctive elements infuse each workout with Wash U’s identity and unity, becoming integral parts of the athletes’ training experience

Efficiency was paramount in accommodating over 600 scholar-champions. Our solution ensured equitable access to cutting-edge equipment, enabling seamless and effective training sessions. The room boasts a diverse range of training possibilities, including:

  1. 16 FLEX-Rack – Power Racks with Functional Training Cables off the Back: These versatile racks offer various workout possibilities and are equipped with functional cable columns within the rack, eliminating the need for space and additional machines.
    1. 32 Vertical Barbell Storage: Designed to securely hold extra barbells, such as safety squat bar and women’s bar, this storage solution ensures easy access and neat arrangement of your specialty bars. 
    2. 16 Landmine Attachments (Malak): Landmine attachments add versatility to workouts, allowing for a wide range of functional exercises and rotational power training.

    3. 16 Dip Attachments: Dips are excellent for building upper body strength and muscle definition, and these attachments provide a secure platform for performing them.
    4. 16 Inlaid Platform with PerformX Track: The inlaid platform with a PerformX Track offers a safe and durable surface for Olympic lifting and other heavy exercises, ensuring stability and protection for athletes and the floor.

    5. 16 Perch Training System: Perch passively collects data and provides immediate and objective feedback to regulate training, increase motivation, reduce injury, and enhance performance both in the weight room and on the field.
  2. 21 Combo Bench Vertical StorageThese benches provide a stable and comfortable platform for various strength training exercises, ensuring proper form and support.
  3. 8 Glute-Ham, Reverse Hyper Combo Machines: Essential for developing hamstring and glute strength, the glute ham bench is a crucial piece of equipment for athletes.
  4. 14 Cross Sections: Maximize space, build upper body strength, and improve fitness with wide-grip pull-up and TRX Cables.
  5. Plyo Boxes: Plyometric boxes are essential for explosive training and improving athletic performance, making them a valuable addition to any weight room.
  6. Customized Turf: With Wash U’s vivid logo, precisely sized to fit your space, blending branding and functionality flawlessly.
  7. And more to cater to diverse training needs.

At Samson Equipment, we prioritize exceptional customer service and unwavering quality. Our commitment to delivering durable, top-tier equipment aligns with our hands-on approach in providing tailor-made solutions.

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