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Holmes Community College

Elevating Holmes Community College with durable, high-end athletic gear, inspiring excellence and attracting talent in sports facilities.

Director of Athletics and Vice President of the Goodman Campus

“It makes you feel like you’re, you know, you’re big time when you’re lifting with big time equipment… high-end equipment and Samson is high-end equipment.”

– Andy Wood, Vice President and Athletic Director

At Samson Equipment, our collaboration with Holmes Community College in Goodman, Mississippi, led by Vice President and Athletic Director Andy Wood, stands as a proud example of our commitment to providing high-end, durable athletic equipment tailored to the long-term needs of educational institutions.

Andy Wood, with his extensive 29-year history at Holmes Community College, including ten years coaching football and two decades in administration, has witnessed the evolution of the school’s athletic facilities. In recent years, there has been a significant dedication of funds to upgrade these facilities, a task undertaken with the understanding that such investments are not a frequent occurrence. The college needed equipment in 6000 square feet facility that wouldn’t just last a few years, but would stand strong for over two decades.

Samson Equipment was chosen for our reputation for creating enduring, high-quality equipment. Previously, the college’s weight racks had served them well for 15 years, setting a high benchmark for durability. Holmes Community College was in need of a solution that could match or exceed this lifespan. Our products were selected for their proven longevity and robustness, offering a dependable, long-term solution for the college’s athletic department.

Our innovative designs have significantly enhanced the training environment at Holmes Community College. The equipment we supplied combined various training functionalities into single stations.

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Holmes Community College

Goodman, Mississippi

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Holmes Community College
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The equipment list includes:

  • 15 FLEX-Racks®: These racks provide versatility in room design and include:
    • Various Storage Types: For barbells and resistance bands.
    • 4 Band Pegs: For diverse workouts using resistance bands.
    • 2 Technique Boxes: Aid in focusing on weightlifting form.
    • 1 Landmine Attachment (Malak): Adds rotational exercises to training.
    • Custom Bumper Plates: In 10lb, 25lb, 45lb sizes, plus 10lb and 5lb change plates, featuring the school and mascot name.
    •  Custom Graphics: “Bulldogs” and “Holmes” alternate along each rack.
    • 2 Chin-Up Attachments: For varied pull-up styles.
  • 13 Cross Sections: Include wide-grip pull-up stations for upper body development.
  • Functional Training Pillar System: These are customizable to fit your specific training needs. The one pictured here includes,
    • Lat Pulldown Machines
    • Adjustable Cable Columns
    • Seated Leg Curl/Leg Extension Machines with ROM.
  • 2 Barbell Storages: Each holds up to 6 Hex barbells.
  • 3-Tier Dumbbell Storage with Medicine Ball Storage: Ensures organized and accessible weight training.
  • Combo Benches with Vertical Storage: Adjustable, with Spotter Plates and robust .188 Gauge Steel construction.
  • Bilateral/Unilateral Hip Sled/Hack Squat: A versatile leg press machine with a 3,000-pound capacity, accommodating various athlete sizes and strength levels.

This design not only streamlined workouts but also facilitated effective supervision of multiple athlete groups by coaches, enhancing safety and training effectiveness. Additionally, our designs accommodate easy upgrades, ensuring the equipment stays at the forefront of athletic training technology.

The athletic facility at Holmes Community College, enhanced with our custom, high-end equipment, has become a symbol of professionalism and quality, making a strong impression on potential recruits. Samson Equipment further supports this transformation with long-term service and reconditioning services, ensuring the equipment’s appearance and functionality are maintained over the years.
By equipping the college with durable, top-tier equipment, we’ve helped create a space that inspires athletes and attracts talent, ensuring their athletic programs continue to thrive and set standards in sports excellence.

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