Staley High School

Elevate Your Culture: Falcons' New Weight Room Sets the Standard at Staley High School in Kansas City Area.

“Samson’s people are so good about looking at your space, looking at your needs, looking at what you want to get done in that space.” Steve Rampy, Head Football Coach

Create an environment that fosters the culture you wish you build. The Falcons have taken the step in the right direction with the addition of a new weight room. The Samson team set out to make a statement with Staley High School for the Kansas City area. A room that features 20 lifting stations with a variety of Flex-Rack Series kits: Half-Racks, Double Sided Racks, and Combo Functional Training Racks.

This custom facility is complete with inlaid platforms with team logos, custom team branding on racks and custom team branded bumper plates. The student-athletes at Staley High School can have some pride in their 4 year journey here. Custom triple tier dumbbell and med ball storage racks are also shown in this room.

Other Vendors: Perform-X



Staley High School

Kansas City, Missouri