Deming High School

With a Fully Functional Weight Room and Custom-Built Cardio Room the Wildcats can Meet Their Fitness Needs, Rain or Shine.
“The customer service part of that personal relationship was what set Samson apart from other people that I talked to.” –
Nick Williams, Strength Training Coach

When it comes to strength training, having the right equipment and space can make all the difference. And at Deming High School, they know this better than anyone. The dedication and passion they have for fitness are evident in their impressive state-of-the-art facility, which boasts some of the best equipment available on the market today. Thanks to Samson Equipment, Deming High School has achieved their dream weight room installation and can take pride in their school. Unlike many other schools across the country, let alone in New Mexico, Deming High School has a huge open space with state-of-the-art equipment that can accommodate large teams at one time with plenty of space left to spare. What’s more, the school has not only a fully functional weight room but also a custom-built cardio room to meet their fitness needs, rain or shine. This means that even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, the students and coaches can still get in their daily workout routine. Coach Nick Williams at Deming High School considers himself incredibly blessed to have a facility equipped with state-of-the-art Samson Equipment. The gym is outfitted with everything the students need to achieve their fitness goals, including: 

  • 6 double sided FLEX-Racks with FTR attachment off front side
    • Allows for 12 lifting stations
  • 18 Samson Combo Benches Vertical Storage
  • 2 Triple Tier Samson Dumbbell Rack
  • 1 Double Tier Samson Dumbbell Rack
  • 2 Glute Ham/ Reverse Hyper Combo
  • 4 Samson Bar Storage Solution
  • Several Different Types of Barbells
    • 12 Mountain Lion Bars
    • 12 Olympic Bars
    • 4 Hex Weight Bars 
    • 4 Multi-Grip Bars
    • 4 Safety Squat Bars
    • 12 Training Bars 
  • 1 Weight Trees
  • 2 Samson Leg Presses
  • 2 Samson Belt Squats
  • 2 Samson Leg Ext/Curl Combo
  • 2 Samson Yoke Bar

Custom Samson Training Rig

Other Vendors: D-Ball, Troy Barbell, TRX

However, the school’s commitment to fitness doesn’t stop there. Deming High School is always looking to improve and upgrade its equipment to stay ahead of the curve. Their next goal is to take advantage of the patented Samson Flex-Rack and upgrade all of their racks to functional training racks. With the patented design of the Flex-Rack, this upgrade would be seamless and add cable pulley systems into all the rack stations without needing to move anything around. The dedication and passion for strength training that Deming High School displays are evident in their state-of-the-art facility. With the help of Samson Equipment, they have created an environment that not only inspires students to push themselves but also meets their strength and conditioning needs at every level. If you’re looking to upgrade your weight room Samson Equipment will provide you with an elite level consultation and planning service to assist you in the process.

Deming High School

Deming, NM