Professional Weight Room Solutions

Santa Fe High School

The Santa Fe High School Demons new weight room showcases three Samson Flex-Rack Functional Training Rack (FTR) Stations and seven Double-sided Flex-Rack stations all with Samson Combo Benches giving them 17 total lifting stations for their athletes. This will allow for a minimum of 51 athletes to be training at a rack during a lifting session. The FTR stations give the Demons six fully adjustable 250 pound cable columns.

Rack attachments within this weight room shown are landmine attachments, single leg squat attachments, and a utility seat for the safety catches. Samson NBA oversized hex bars with storage, dumbbell and kettlebell storage racks complete this new training facility.

Other vendors: Dynamax and Troy Barbell


Santa Fe High School

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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