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University of South Alabama

Explore the South Alabama Jaguars' basketball weight room. Discover how power elite athletes are training with cutting-edge, space-efficient solutions.
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The weight room within The Mitchell Center, despite its modest size and the presence of only 4 racks, stands as a testament to the innovative and strategic approach of the University of South Alabama towards athletic performance and development. This compact space, equipped by Samson Equipment, underscores the university’s commitment to maximizing efficiency and functionality without compromising the quality of training for its men’s and women’s basketball programs.

Understanding the constraints posed by a smaller footprint, Samson Equipment has adeptly provided solutions that are not only space-efficient but also multifunctional, ensuring that each piece of equipment can support a wide range of exercises and training protocols. This approach allows the University of South Alabama to offer a comprehensive strength and conditioning program tailored to the unique needs of basketball athletes, all within the confines of a tightly organized space.

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University of South Alabama

Mobile, Alabama

David Ventress Director of Olympic Athletic Performance (MBB/MTEN)

“It’s been a blessing just to have Samson help us maximize the space and maximize the training that we’re able to do.”

– David Ventress, Director of Olympic Sports (MBB/MTEN)

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Equipment List:

  • FLEX-Racks Power Rack: These racks provide versatility in room design and include:

    • Storage: For additional barbell and resistance bands.
    • Bumper Plates: In 10lb, 25lb, 45lb sizes, plus 10lb and 5lb change plates.
    • Custom Graphics: “South Alabama” on both sides of each rack.
    • 2 Chin-Up Attachments: For varied pull-up styles.
  • 4 Glute Ham Roller: Strengthens glutes, hamstrings, and core with targeted exercises.

    • Storage: Holds all 4 glute ham rollers with wheels to be able to transport easily.

  • 8 Combo Benches with Vertical Storage: Adjustable, with Spotter Plates and robust .188 Gauge Steel construction.

  • 3-Tier Dumbbell Storage: Ensures organized and accessible weight training.

  • Plyo Boxes: Plyometric boxes are essential for explosive training and improving athletic performance, making them a valuable addition to any weight room.

  • Belt squat (plate loaded): Allows to non-axially load the lower body.

  • 4 Glute-Ham Developer: Essential for developing hamstring and glute strength, the glute ham bench is a crucial piece of equipment for athletes.

  • Barbell Storages: Each holds up to 6 extra barbells tucked against the wall.

  • Lat machine w/ row combo (300lb): targets back muscles with lat pull-downs and rows in one device.

  • 2 Free Standing Adjustable Cable Column: offers versatile full-body workouts with customizable resistance levels.

The strategic placement of the weight room in The Mitchell Center, in close proximity to the basketball court, locker rooms, athletic training facilities, and coaches’ offices, further enhances the training ecosystem. This integration facilitates a seamless transition between different facets of athlete development, from physical conditioning to skill practice and strategic meetings.

This design not only streamlined workouts but also facilitated effective supervision of multiple athlete groups by coaches, enhancing safety and training effectiveness. Additionally, our designs accommodate easy upgrades, ensuring the equipment stays at the forefront of athletic training technology.

The athletic facility at Holmes Community College, enhanced with our custom, high-end equipment, has become a symbol of professionalism and quality, making a strong impression on potential recruits. Samson Equipment further supports this transformation with long-term service and reconditioning services, ensuring the equipment’s appearance and functionality are maintained over the years.
By equipping the college with durable, top-tier equipment, we’ve helped create a space that inspires athletes and attracts talent, ensuring their athletic programs continue to thrive and set standards in sports excellence.

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Berron Tyson Headshot University of South Alabama

“During the conditioning we do a lot of banging and bruising and beating them. And so it’s good to have equipment that can take the pounding.”

– Berron Tyson, Director of Athletic Performance (WBB/TRACK)