Valhalla High School

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“The Samson weight equipment is something that exceed all our expectations…from the quality of the equipment itself to the branding…It’s just a step above and at a really professional level.” – Steve Bulette, Athletic Director

The quality of our relationships directly correlates to the success of our company.  Hall of fame wrestling coach Ned Blass coached the owner of Samson Equipment, Dave Schroeder, in high school as well as coached and mentored Valhalla High School Athletic Director Steve Bulette.  These lifelong relationships ultimately guided the decision to trust Samson with the Norsemen’s new weight room facility.

Valhalla High School’s vision was to make a meaningful purchase and do it right.  This space was equipped with four Double Sided Flex-Racks complete with linking system, Platforms, twelve combo benches, eight barbells, three Lat-Row Combo Machines, custom Branded Bumper Plates and Dumbbells, fixed barbell and dumbbell storage.  Other Vendors Featured: Concept2, American Platforms, and Troy Barbell.

Valhalla High School
El Cajon, CA

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