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On this new episode of the Samson Strength Coach Collective, we speak with Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Cornell University, Mike Missen. During the episode we discuss working at the same university as your significant other, communication with sport coaches, and embracing new sports.


“A plan without a map is worthless. You can’t just say, hey, I just need you to get stronger. What are you measuring for strength? What does stronger mean for them? And then how do they get there over the time? And then the other part of that, and I’m lucky to work with coaches that are really good at this, is like the coach really has to care about it. You go into the coach and you say, Hey, listen, I, these are the metrics set out for them. They didn’t come close and they’re like, yeah, man, that stinks. Wish they’d worked harder. Like you can’t do anything about that. Right? Like it just, what do you do? but you get a good coach. That’s like, you will get on with, Hey, listen, why aren’t you doing this? You you’re going to sit, you’re going to sit, you’re not doing this because you clearly aren’t bought into the work. I’m very lucky.”

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164 mike missen samson strength coach collective 2