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163 george neef strength coach collective 2

On the latest edition of the Samson Strength Coach Collective we speak with Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at TAMU-International, George Neef. During the episode we discuss family powerlifting, taking a holistic approach to training, and taking experience as a head coach and applying it to strength and conditioning.


“But with powerlifters, like they understand like, What I’m doing right now, this training is still my, you know, it might as well be a mini game or a mini competition every day. So like, I think where they’re different and like, just their approach to lifting, if you could transfer that to athletes, that same kind of like approach of like this, everything I do has to be executed a hundred percent all the time. Because if I don’t at the way to their pushing, You’re going to get hurt or if you slack off, somebody else is working just as hard as you or heart, like, you know, better, faster, however, but so that’s where I think that mindset and the mindset I have as a powerlifter carries, like I try to convince, like, you know, my athletes and like, tell them like, Hey, I know this isn’t your sport, but I need you to approach this just like you would shooting a free throw in the, you know, NCAA finals, like game on the line. That’s how you should approach everything with that same mindset.”

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163 george neef strength coach collective 2