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165 bailey deering samson strength coach collective 3On the latest edition of the Samson Strength Coach Collective we speak with Rice University Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Bailey Deering. During the episode we discuss Bailey’s first year as a head strength coach, the importance of training yourself, and professionals who have influenced Bailey during her career.


“You know, I definitely, it took me the first season to kind of figure out how to put my head on straight each day. But, but yeah, I mean, I just really kind of, I got there and, you know, I, I worked with women’s basketball with Coach Yo Berry Hill a lot, my, like during grad school while I was at A And so I didn’t really know much about soccer. My siblings had played a little bit. I had played like a season, I was a bench former, I wasn’t that good. But yeah, I really didn’t know much about soccer. And so I got thrown into the season and I was like, I don’t know, like, I don’t know how any of this works, but you know, all I can do is get these people to trust me and get these kids to buy into me. And you know, soccer and the weight room don’t really blend that well in general anyways. And so. I know it was kind of just figuring out like, okay, how can I be creative and show them that like I want to serve them and I want to be here for them, not just as a strength coach”

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165 bailey deering samson strength coach collective 2