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155 Tyler Janota 4On this new episode of the Samson Strength Coach Collective we speak with the Northern Kentucky University Head of Men’s Basketball Sports Performance, Tyler Janota. During the episode we discuss the importance of gratitude in the strength and conditioning profession, servant leadership, and building life long relationships


“And we all chose this field. We all knew exactly what we were getting into. Like I said, I had a real conversation with that advisor when I was 20. Like all the kind of… bad things, air quotes, about the profession and what it takes to make it and we all chose to do it. So I think it’s really important for all of us, whether we want to move on to other jobs, whether we want to change sports, whether we want to have less sports or more sports or more money or more technology, just kind of appreciating what we have, you know, and I think possessing some humility and kind of dropping our ego at the door a little bit is…is the nature of our jobs in my opinion. It’s what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to be support staff members.”

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