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154 whitney rodden sscc3 S2 E154: Whitney Rodden | Coaching on Multiple LevelsIn this new episode of the Samson Strength Coach Collective we speak with Whitney Rodden, Director of Sports Performance and Head Weightlifting Coach for MidAmerica Nazarene University. During the episode we discuss the balance of being a head coach as well as a strength coach, Whitney’s background across multiple fields, and the importance of having a universities support.


“I’ve never envied the coaches on the recruiting side of things. You know, I always wondered what it was like. And you know, when you have athletes come in, they bring in and you talk to the recruits and you you understand how that part goes, but getting those recruits to come in and like that whole process is a whole, whole different ball game, um, as far as amount of time and, you know, finding the right people and bringing them in, they have the good, you know, personality, you know, are they good athlete, those kinds of things. It’s kind of a challenge.”

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154 whitney rodden sscc1 S2 E154: Whitney Rodden | Coaching on Multiple Levels