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On the latest edition of the Samson Strength Coach Collective we speak with Jeanne Rankin, Associate Director of Speed, Strength, and Conditioning. During the episode we discuss the value of being thrown into the coaching fire, what drives success, and how to structure workouts with a purpose


“I think I’ve had the conversations of sometimes your best still isn’t quite what’s needed. And sometimes there’s better players, you know, what might be viewed as better players sitting on the bench. And I think having been in that role, and I’m not saying I was, I’m saying that I’ve sat on the bench. That’s the role that I’m talking about. I think, sitting on the bench gave me perspective that like you might work your butt off, you might be great in the weight room, you might be a great leader. It doesn’t mean you’re playing. But your role is still very valuable on the team. Because you can either be a positive influence on your team, or you can be a very negative one.”

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