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E153 Travis Barrett 1On the latest edition of the Samson Strength Coach Collective, we speak with United States Air Force Strength and Conditioning Coach Travis Barrett. During the episode we discuss Travis’ background at the esteemed Ball State University, developing buy-in within various cultural groups, and pursuing a PhD.


“I started talking to these guys about dread so don’t redline every day. So and then within that, you know, Anatoly Bondarchuk and Vladimir Shirin talk about points and how many points each session is worth rather as a one to a five pointer, so I would say, okay, well, I’m going to give you guys a budget that you can use and the budget is 15 points within a week. And you may not have two five point days back to back. So that allowed them to still have some ownership over that, but also start to see like, Hey, here’s the reason rationale. Like we, this is just the way physiology works, right? Like you have to allow for rest and recovery. So if you guys want them to do this, but you’re not allowing any recovery, it’s literally an unreasonable pass.”

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153 travis barrett yt 2 S2 E153: Travis Barrett | Developing Buy In From Different Populations