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152 Nigel Moyer 1On the newest episode of the strength coach collective, we are joined by UMC Exercise Physiologist Nigel Moyer. During the episode we discuss Nigel’s journey through strength and conditioning, how exercise plays a role in the medical field, and the rewarding parts of being an exercise physiologist


“But you have those moments where those people tell you like, Hey, I got out of bed today. And like my back didn’t hurt or like, Hey, I was able to actually like, you know, walk, you know, walk around my house and not be scared. I’m going to fall. And, you know, I was able to play with my grand, you know, whatever it is, play with my grand kid, have the confidence of, you know, sitting down on the couch and knowing I can get back up without help. Uh, those are kind of the best, you know, that’s again, you know, got the wife and the kid, I gotta, gotta pay the pay the bills, but that’s better than any sort of like paycheck that I could ever get.”

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152 Nigel Moyer 2