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151 Nick LaRue 1Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coach Nick LaRue joins us on the latest episode. During the episode we discuss working in Minor League Baseball, overcoming language barriers and developing relationships with athletes, as well as the importance of taking care of your mental health


“So, when things get really bad for me, and I’m like really inside my own head … Like it helps to say that I have an incredible job. I’m living a childhood dream. And honestly, and I can’t emphasize honestly enough, I’ve said this already, but I would not trade my job with anyone else. I truly believe I have the coolest job on earth. And just consistently reminding myself of that has always been a nice advice for me. And I really have to thank my players for that. Because being around them and being someone who at least tries to be a highly positive influence in their careers and… Also, all that they got going on is really therapeutic for me.”

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151 Nick LaRue 2