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150 Kyle Casey Samson Strength Coach Collective 4On this new episode of the Samson Strength Coach Collective, we are joined by Harvard Westlake Sport Performance Coach, Kyle Casey. During the episode we discuss Kyle’s strength and conditioning journey, how to develop a fluid middle to high school S&C program, and the main principles of Harvard Westlake strength and conditioning.


“Like we do have test days and we do test their max strength. Um, cause if you don’t do that with a high school, uh, you know, football player, they’re going to be like, what are we doing? What are we doing? Cause they love to see themselves get stronger, but some of them may have not got stronger, but I’m like, look at this video from the first time you tested this back squat and like, look at your depth, look at all this stuff. So you, by your technique getting better, you got stronger.”

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