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Samson Equipment Assembly
Assembly putting together a glute-ham reverse hyper


Welcome to Samson Equipment, where innovation meets your athletic aspirations. Precision matters in athletic performance, and our tailored equipment solutions make a significant impact. We’re committed to crafting solutions that maximize athletic performance with tailored equipment. From room dimensions to specialized gear, our team ensures a perfect fit for your training objectives. Our consultation process involves real-time discussions to shape your strength and conditioning program’s success.

Clint High School custom FLEX-Rack

Understanding the Need for Customization

Every athlete, every team, and every organization has unique requirements. Our commitment at Samson is to recognize and meet these diverse needs. Tailored equipment isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity for optimal performance and safety.  Customization lies not only in your branding but also in choosing the right equipment and potentially even a uniquely designed product.  Our team deeply understands how to leverage customization at multiple levels of weight room planning.   

Crafting Your Ideal Training Environment

Our expertise lies in customizing solutions. From equipment that fits specific spatial dimensions to specialized gear for targeted training, we ensure each piece aligns perfectly with your training objectives.  A large part in our success in working together will be our consultation process, where our team of experts sits on a virtual real-time conversation with your team.  Here, we discuss your room flow, how many athletes you coach at any given time, as well as your exercise programming and methodology, and together, make decisions that will shape and drive the success of your strength and conditioning program. 

Success Stories

Westwood High School

Nestled in Mesa, AZ, champions inclusivity and support for every student-athlete, irrespective of their athletic proficiency. As the home of the Warriors, the school prides itself on fostering an environment where each individual is encouraged to thrive in their athletic pursuits.

3D Render of Warriors Rack
3D Render of Warriors Rack

Featuring 12 uniform workout stations and a dedicated indoor turf area designed for agility training, Westwood High School is dedicated to holistic athletic development. Upholding the principle that every student deserves professional-grade support, the school’s mission centers on educating and empowering the community through collaborative efforts, celebrating diversity, and promoting global awareness in a secure and encouraging environment. This commitment ensures that every student-athlete receives the necessary resources and encouragement to progress and succeed, epitomizing the essence of their motto, “Move Up.”

3D Renders of Westwood High School

Holmes Community College

In Goodman, Mississippi, the Bulldogs had a unique challenge when upgrading its athletic facilities. Unlike some schools that might have the luxury of replacing equipment every few years, Holmes Community College sought a long-term solution. Coach Andy Wood, a driving force behind this transformation, initially questioned the affordability of Samson’s high-end equipment but soon realized the value it offered.

Holmes Community College Pillar System
Holmes Community College Pillar System

With meticulous planning and collaboration with Samson’s experts, the weight room received a complete makeover. The result is a spacious and functional 6000-square-foot facility that not only impressed recruits but also sets a new standard for professionalism and commitment to success in collegiate athletics. Coach Andy Wood’s dedication to providing the best for his athletes is evident in the weight room’s design. The open layout allows for efficient and safe workouts, with the ability to monitor multiple racks simultaneously. Most importantly, Samson’s commitment to durability and reconditioning services ensures that Holmes Community College’s investment will last for decades, securing a legacy of athletic excellence that sets the college apart from the rest. Under Coach Andy Wood’s guidance, Holmes Community College is poised for a future of unrivaled athletic training and achievement, thanks to its enduring partnership with Samson Equipment.

Holmes Samson 2 Maximizing Athletic Performance with Tailored Equipment: The Samson Commitment
The L Shaped Space of Holmes

Washington University in St. Louis

A university renowned for academic excellence, took a significant leap forward in its athletic pursuits with the creation of a singular, versatile weight room in collaboration with Samson Equipment. This consolidated training space serves as a cornerstone, accommodating the diverse training needs of all its athletes under one roof.

Washington University Sports Performance Center
Washington University Sports Performance Center

In this unified facility, athletes representing various sports disciplines, from track and field to basketball, wrestling, and beyond, find a tailored environment designed to meet their unique training demands. The necessity for a multifaceted training space was pivotal, given the diverse requirements of Wash U’s scholar-athletes.

This singular weight room, meticulously designed with Samson’s adaptable equipment solutions, has become the beating heart of Wash U’s athletic development. It stands as a testament to the university’s commitment to providing a comprehensive training environment that fosters inclusivity, versatility, and optimal performance across all sporting disciplines.

Highlights of Wash U Sports Performance Center

The Samson Advantage

Quality, innovation, and customer-centricity define the Samson difference.  Our commitment to high-quality parts and industry leading specifications provide you with strength equipment that will last long after you.  Our innovation is collaboration-led with coaches and staff who want products that are not stock items.  Our customers and clients are a direct reflection of our success as a company when we are able to work seamlessly together to create a long lasting professional training environment, we all win.  We separate ourselves by staying true to our roots and providing customer-service second to none.

Samson Warehouse Welding
Welding in Progress: Built for Strength

Your Partner in Athletic Excellence

At Samson Equipment, we’re not just selling products; we’re forging partnerships in pursuit of athletic greatness. Our tailor-made solutions are the tools that support athletes in reaching their peak.  Whether this is your very first weight room project or you’re a seasoned vet with multiple rooms under your belt, we are a great fit to be a professional weight room solution provider across the board and would love to work with you.


Our Collaborative Planning Process allows you to prepare your project stress free by allowing our team to become your personal project manager.  The real-time planning and organization of thoughts gives you back time and clarity as a leader.  If you’d like to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION, please fill out this form. 

Scott Schroeder Samson Director of Sales

Email Sales Director, Scott Schroeder for your free layout consultation:

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Scott Schroeder

Director of Sales , Samson

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