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On the newest episode of the Samson Strength Coach Collective we speak with Andrew Garcia. Andrew currently serves as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Ohio State University where he works with Field Hockey and Women’s Lacrosse. During the episode we discuss Andrew’s time at the University of Tennessee, the benefits of working with a large strength and conditioning staff, and the importance of paying one’s dues.


“I think last year. went to my supervisor, Tyler Carpenter, and you know, I was like, he’s like, so what are you going to do for continuing education? And I was like, you know, I’m going to watch this podcast. I’m going to, I’m going to, you know, read this book. I’m going to go to this conference. And he’s like, so you, so out of all that stuff, like, have you talked to, Kevin Enschlmeyer about that? Have you talked to Claire Quibito about that? And I was like, no, I didn’t even really think about that. He’s like, well, you know, so and so has got, you know, good amount of ACL return to play that she’s worked with.

And you know, Kevin’s great with fitness. Why don’t you just go ask them those questions first? I think it was one of those things, it was like a light bulb. It was like, like, yeah, I don’t need to go spend money on all this stuff. Like there’s people here that know and have done it at a very high level for a long time. Like why don’t I use those resources more?”

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162 andrew gracia strength coach collective 2