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Here at Samson, we share a deep appreciation for traditional dumbbells and their racks. Yet, our commitment to providing tailored solutions to coaches, tailored to their unique needs and space constraints, leads us to explore innovative alternatives. Powerblocks have emerged as a space-saving and versatile addition to many weight rooms, enhancing accessibility and optimizing workouts. Join us in this blog as we delve into why Powerblocks could be the solution you’ve been seeking for your weight room.

PowerBlock is a renowned brand in the fitness industry, known for its innovative approach to strength training equipment. At its core, PowerBlock specializes in adjustable dumbbells, offering a compact and versatile alternative to traditional dumbbell racks. These adjustable dumbbells provide an efficient way to perform a wide range of exercises without the need for multiple sets of fixed-weight dumbbells.



The Power of Versatility

One of the standout features of PowerBlocks is their ability to adapt to a wide range of exercises and training programs. From classic compound movements like bench presses and squats to dynamic power exercises like snatches and thrusters, PowerBlocks handle it all with ease. This versatility means you can seamlessly transition between workouts, offering your athletes a diverse training experience.

Custom Branding provided by Samson Equipment at Ole Miss's Basketball weight room.

Empowering Coaches with Efficiency and Versatility

Simplified Setup and Storage: PowerBlocks streamline equipment setup and storage, saving coaches valuable time and effort. They can also be easily wheeled around the weight room for optimal placement.

Cost-Effective and Space-Saving: These versatile PowerBlock dumbbells are not only cost-effective but also space-efficient, allowing coaches to maximize their budgets and optimize weight room space for better weight room optimization.

Dynamic Adaptability: PowerBlocks adjust easily to provide the right resistance for each exercise, making them a versatile solution for evolving training programs and adjustable weight solutions.

Seamless Transitions: Athletes can transition smoothly between exercises without the need to move between separate areas, optimizing training efficiency and ensuring a fluid workout experience.

Long-Term Investment: With equipment that grows alongside athletes, coaches can ensure that their team has access to the right tools at every stage of development, ultimately contributing to their weight room’s long-term success.

Samson Equipment’s Choice: PowerBlocks Commercial Line

  • Dedication to Quality: At Samson Equipment, when integrating PowerBlocks into weight rooms, we exclusively choose the robust Commercial Line. This reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch quality and performance.
    Powerblock Commercial Pro Series Athletes_Powerblock_Versatile_weight_room_workout
  • Outstanding Specifications:
      • Plates: Urethane-coated steel plates for extended durability.
      • Adjustment Mechanism: Zytel Pin featured in the Pro 50/90/125 models.
      • Hardware: Crafted with stainless steel to ensure the utmost durability.
  • Designed for Comfort:
      • Pro 50 & Pro 90: Boasts a knurled steel grip for a secure hold.
      • Pro 125 & Pro 175: Feature a TPR contoured grip for ergonomic handling.
  • Convenient Organization:
    • Stand Inclusion: All models, namely Pro 50, 90, 125/175, come equipped with a stand for efficient storage.
    • Stand Footprint: Measures a compact 21.5″ x 25″, ensuring optimal space utilization in any weight room.
  • Assured Investment: Each PowerBlock from the Commercial Line is backed by a 1-year Commercial Limited Warranty. This ensures our customers that they’re making a dependable choice for their professional weight room setup.

At Samson Equipment, our sales team crafts multiple room layouts tailored to each facility’s specific needs. Some designs feature PowerBlocks, while others prioritize traditional dumbbells, ensuring diverse equipment solutions for every customer.

"Sometimes, PowerBlocks align more seamlessly with a facility's programming compared to a traditional dumbbell station. Recognizing this, we always strive to present these alternative solutions, allowing the coach or facility manager to select the most suitable equipment setup for their athletes and clientele."

Factors to Consider When Investing in Powerblocks:

  • Room Size & Setup: Ensure the weight room can accommodate the selected Powerblock model.
  • User Base: Consider the range of users. Are they beginners, seasoned athletes, or a mix?
  • Budget: While Powerblocks can be cost-effective, it’s essential to allocate a budget that aligns with the facility’s needs.
  • Training Goals: Recognize the primary goals of the weight room – from general fitness to specialized athletic training.
  • Safety Protocols: Make sure to set up and use Powerblocks following safety guidelines, ensuring user well-being.

Pros of Powerblocks:

  • Compact Design: Powerblocks occupy significantly less space compared to traditional dumbbell sets.
  • Cost-Effective: Investing in Powerblocks can be more cost-effective in the long run, as they replace multiple sets of fixed-weight dumbbells.
  • Rapid Weight Transition: Switching between different weights is quick and seamless, optimizing workout flow.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand rigorous use, emphasizing Samson Equipment’s commitment to finding the best built equipment for your weightroom solution.
  • Ergonomic Grip: Designed for comfortable and safe handling, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Scalable: Suitable for a wide range of users, from beginners to advanced athletes, offering scalability in strength training routines.
  • Easy Storage: The design of Powerblocks allows for straightforward storage solutions.

Cons of Powerblocks:

  • Learning Curve: It might take some time for new users to get accustomed to the adjustment mechanism.
  • Weight Limitation: Depending on the model, there might be an upper weight limitation.
  • Different Feel: Some traditionalists might find Powerblocks feel different from regular dumbbells.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Basha High School:

Basha High School’s weight room showcases a prime example of optimized space utilization and streamlined workouts. Their setup boasts 12 double-sided flex racks, each equipped with two dedicated PowerBlock dumbbell stations. This intentional design allows for seamless transitions between exercises, ensuring athletes can focus solely on their training.

"If we're doing any dumbbell exercises, we have PowerBlocks at those stations at every rack, and we can use them in that area instead of going to a national dumbbell area. So, kids don't have to wander around or be confused about where to go. This and that, if the dumbbells were in another section. So that's what I like about it, having everything in one spot."

Second Baptist High School

Second Baptist High School’s advanced training setup emphasizes both functionality and flexibility. With 8 double-sided functional training flex-racks, the facility is further enhanced by 16 PowerBlock dumbbell stations strategically placed around the rack stations. This intelligent configuration not only expands the range of exercises available to athletes but also efficiently accommodates more students, ensuring that every individual has the space and tools needed for a comprehensive workout.


Notice we have all these PowerBlock racks, which are huge for us. Our kids can actually move or wheel them to their actual station. They can get all the dumbbell work in, from pressing to rowing, even some goblet squats and such. You're able to use different types of weights, making it a bit of a one-stop shop. These are positioned all around the weight room.

For those interested in exploring the benefits and integrations of PowerBlocks further, Samson Equipment is here to assist. We invite you to get in touch to discuss how our PowerBlock solutions can best serve your facility’s needs.


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