See How It's Built

Collaborative Design

At Samson Equipment, we believe strongly in the value of shared expertise, and we welcome input from our customers. Moreover, this collaboration begins before the first piece of steel is even cut. Thanks to innovative three-dimensional design technology, we can create fully customized equipment that satisfies your unique strength-building requirements, right in front of your eyes. After 30+ years in the business, we’ve built just about anything you can imagine. But if you’ve got an idea that will help your athletes excel, then let’s work together and build a custom piece that accomplishes your goals.

Materials Preparation & Fabrication

Once the blueprints are finalized, we prep the raw materials. First, we cut ¼” thick, seven-gauge steel – currently the thickest and most durable material used in the industry. It is then drilled and sandblasted to a smooth finish. A build sheet is adapted from the final, approved design and a production schedule assigned. The build sheet, showing any customizations, is then used to assemble the prepared materials, and each piece is welded by hand.

Prep and Paint

Next, steel components are powder coated to the color(s) you specify, in a process known as “shoot and bake.” We have hundreds of color options, and unlike many competitors, we don’t charge extra for custom colors. The powder coating is sprayed on and then baked at 400 degrees for 45 minutes, ensuring a durable, shiny and scratch-proof finish. If a piece of equipment requires a platform, the platform frame is welded and fitted with the highest grade treated Oak available, a durable wood that will stand up to the test of time and still look great.

Upholstery and Pre-Assembly

In the final step of manufacturing, custom upholstery is hand stitched and securely fitted over 1” thick neoprene padding. Then, the completed components are assembled, inspected and then unassembled for packing and shipping. This is a standard process – each piece of Samson Equipment is fully assembled to make sure everything is included and all customizations are built to specification, before it leaves our facility.


Samson Equipment offers a number of convenient and economical shipping and installation options, no matter where your weight room is located on the globe. If you need our professional assistance in setting up your new equipment, we offer full, turn-key installation or supervised installation for a very economical fee. If you don’t need our assistance, we offer dock-to-dock shipping. All Samson Equipment is backed by our Built for Strength warranty.