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The University of Colorado’s Recreation Facility just underwent a major overhaul.  Working directly with the University’s Recreation Staff, the Samson Equipment team developed custom weight training equipment that is unlike any in existence.  In comes customized Full Power Racks w/ Functional Training Racks off the back ends, Full Power Racks with various machines off the opposite ends, Full Power Racks with another Full Power Rack Linked together as well as linked w/ custom chin up options horizontally.  Custom Weight Storage w/ Laser Cut Weight Placement Numbers, Custom Graphics, Vertical Storage Combo Benches, Custom Room Pillar Weight Bar and Fixed Bar Storage, etc (the list goes on).  This facility truly stands out from any other University Recreation Facility in the US.  If you are looking to custom design your recreation facility out of the most durable materials in the world, look no further than Samson Equipment. #Samsonstrong 

University of Colorado-Boulder Rec
Boulder, CO

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