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159 gabe derman 4 S2 E159: Gabe Derman | Pivoting Into Your Passions

On the latest edition of the Samson Strength Coach Collective, we speak with Gabe Derman. Gabe currently serves as a Human Performance and Education Specialist for Keiser, as well as Founder of Kinect. During the episode we discuss Gabe’s role at Keiser, evaluating your passions as a coach, and pivoting into new roles in coaching.


“And I had a moment to breathe and I kind had this light bulb moment of, yeah, I am helping people, but, you this is 15 to 20 people. This is 45 people if I’m Olympic strength condition coach. And these are division one, highly motivated athletes that will likely be just fine without me. And I wanted a little bit more than that. And it’s not to say that that’s the wrong thing, but for me, I just wanted something more. I wanted something bigger and I wanted…

bigger platform to help people. So I got out of collegiate strength conditioning and I got into personal training and I started training moms, dads, young athletes and started taking all the things that I had learned in this coaching space and applying it to those people. And in return, I was getting a lot from them and I really fell in love with this process of being able to meet somebody where they’re at. you know, or take in people who have never sniffed the weight room in their life or had some really real anxieties with fitness or, you know, mentally or emotionally just physically weren’t in a great place and then just help guide them along their journey and help them feel more confident, help them feel better.”

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159 gabe derman 5 S2 E159: Gabe Derman | Pivoting Into Your Passions