Professional Weight Room Solutions

Podcast Samson Facilities

Lawrence High School

“The strongest thing they offered me was the customizing of what our needs were…They just are so helpful in meeting your needs for your physical

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Eastwood High School

High School weight rooms are the beginning of great athletic team culture.  The Eastwood Troopers are equipped with five Flex-Series Half Racks and six Flex-Series

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58th Special Operations Wing

Training tactical operators efficiently is often a tough challenge when not equipped properly.  The 58th SOW unit put our customization abilities to the test by

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Miami University

“It seemed like they really wanted to do something for us. I think it’s that personal touch that really put it over the top.  Then

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Cotton Bowl

To say this project was unique is an understatement.  AT&T Stadium is home to the Cotton Bowl Game, which is a part of the College

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