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Lawrence High School

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The strongest thing they offered me was the customizing of what our needs were…They just are so helpful in meeting your needs for your physical space, but then on top of that their customer service is second to none. They make it right.” -Steve Rampy, Head Football Coach


The Chesty Lions were extremely limited in their space utilization for the size of their weight room.  This new weight room features four Functional Training Rack (FTR) Combos and six Double Sided Racks, a large team logo turf strip throughout the room, Perform-X tracking system, Glute Ham Developers, Dumbbell pit, and Samson Vertical Storage Combo Benches. The FTR Combo fit four Lat-Row Combo Machines and four Hi-Low cable columns in a small amount of space facing the dumbbell pit for accessory work.  The FTR Combo provides an open Half Rack lifting station for athletes to have simultaneous use of the rear and front of the rack.  This room allows for 50-60 athletes to train safely at a time.

Lawrence High School
Lawrence, KS

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