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Braswell High School is now Samson Strong!


Braswell High School is a brand new school located just outside of Dallas TX, and their new weight training facilities are imaculate.  You'd be hard pressed to find finer athletic facilities anywhere in the country.  Working w/ Samson Equipment, the Bengals are now proud owners of not 1 but 3 new weight training facilities on campus!  The list of equipment is vast, but some of the highlights are Custom Designed Single and Double Sided Power Stations, Brand new rubber flooring w/ inlaid platforms, TRX Links between racks, Custom Logo DB's, Bumper Plates and Olympic Plates, Custom Logo Combo Benches, Custom Storage on each rack for Med Balls, Plates, Belts and Bands, Rotational Bar Sleeve Attachments and Band Attachments.  The pictures do not do these facilities justice!  No doubt, the Bengals are set up for success for years to come!  CLICK HERE for the Equipped Facilities Page!  #samsonstrong 

Braswell High School

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