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Kaneland HS is now Samson Strong!


Kaneland High School, located just outside of Chicago IL, just underwent a major overhaul.  In comes 12 Full Power Racks with inlaid platforms completely customized to include Custom Band/Chain Storage, Graphic Shields, Band Holes/Pegs, Stability Ball Storage, Horizontal Links w/ Chin Up Bars and Rotating Chin Up Handles, TRX Straps, etc.  Look closely at the front of the Power Racks and you'll notice that each rack has an extra upright!  This allows for more room for each athlete to operate without the front of the rack interfering with the middle section!  Now, look closer at the racks on the left hand side and you'll see that the 0-90 Combination Benches can stored Vertically!  These benches have been custom designed this way in order to save valuable floor space when the benches are not in use!  As if that wasn't enough, we even provided custom storage racks to house their Med Balls, Kettle Bells, Dip Attachments and Foam Rollers!  As with any Samson Equipment project, no stone was left un-turned!  CLICK HERE for the facilities page and contact us TODAY and let us design a Custom/State of the Art Facility for you! #samsonstrong 

Download PDF of "Kaneland HS is now Samson Strong!"